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8.4 ) Mercury: “Mercury has the best appearance, is witty, fond of jokes and laughter, and is learned. He takes upon himself the nature and constitution of the planets with which he is associated.” –Parashari 3.26

Mercury is the great messenger of the Gods. Mercury is “Budh” means “intellect”. He is the planet which represents speech, communication and commerce or exchanges at all levels. In his lower function he organizes and articulates material resources. On a higher level he connects us with our inner capacities, the powers of the mind. When “Buddhi” transcends to knowledge or wisdom.

Mercury indicates at primary level the lower or concrete mind, the intellect or informational mentality. However Mercury is not limited to information only. He can also show the higher mind in its discriminating ability and connects us with the Divine Word or word of truth.

Mercury governs writing,education, calculation and analysis. Mercury is the fastest moving of the planets besides Moon and so it signifies quick comprehension, facility, ease and plasticity in expression

He is mental and nervous energy in its articulate activity.

Mercury is like a child and also indicates the state of childhood generally, and specifically the period between infancy and adoloscence. Afflictions to Mercury in the chart will signify health problems in childhood, troubles in childhood like speech defects, delay in speech and stammering etc, problems in school learning disabilities etc.

As a planet of commerce, Mercury represents trade, articles of trade including money. Though not himself planet of wealth per se, but Mercury helps in both acquiring it and retaining it. Mercury is necessary wherever there is to be an exchange of ideas or commodities. Mercury recognizes the value of open markets and free communication and does not carry any baggage or boundaries of race, nation, cast or belief, but he can be attached to his own opinion, his calculations, and his own gains and losses.

Mercury breaks down barriers between people and reveals a common humanity and common human needs. People with strong Mercury will be the first people to take up and adapt themselves to the world of internet and social media networks.

Mercury is an important factor in determining our vocation or professional career, for that is what we do in life to communicate with others-our interchange with society. Mercury shows, how we appear and how we function in the network of transactions that makes up the world of things and ideas.