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As giving insight, Mars indicates knowledge and, in the higher sense, can direct us towards the Yoga of knowledge, particularly one that employs much self discipline or asceticism. Mars types like a more dramatic, challenging and daring path in all fields of life.

Mars rules tools, weapons, machines and there usage. He is the planet of work, effort, research and technology. Modern culture based on technology has strong influence of Mars energy, hence our tendency to war and monstrous weapons. Mars causes us to develop energy but it does not necessarily gives the wisdom or love to use it properly. It regards power as an end to itself when it should only be means. Mars is the son of the earth in Hindu mythology. Hence he is also called Kuja or bhumija, the one born from the earth.

Mars is the planet for action. Yet it is not just action for action’s sake. It is the planet of goal or result oriented action be it positive or negative.

In conclusion, most of the qualities of Mars relate to his nature as fire. His fire can burn us or provide us warmth, give us light or create smoke only.

Summary :
In body : Mars signifies all active process of life forces and it indicates the functioning of all internal organs in the body. It indicates all the organs inside the body necessary to expel all the toxins and poisons from the body. the organs like urinary tract, intestine, excretory glands, tracts to pass stool etc. it indicates the head in the body being the ruler of Aries. All external body movements of arms and limbs. Blood circulation, blood pressure, nervous impulse. Immunity of body to fight external infections etc.

In subjective world : Capacity to express oneself through physical activity. Motivation to accomplish anything. To translate everything to a concrete task or function. Self confidence. To fulfill sensual pleasures. Valor, courage, competeitiveness, pride, anger, independence, anger, violence, recklessness, mechanical skill and dextricity.

In objective world : Military, defence and police personnel or profession. Competitive sports. Machinery, motor car, transportation, any kind of equipments to generate and transmit energy. Civil construction and construction materials. weapons of self defence and weapons of destruction, martial arts, war. Miner. Surgeon etc.

Sex : Male

Constitution : Bilious ( Pitta)