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As a very sensitive and mutable or dual planet, the moon can be easily influenced and overcome by other planetary energies. Saturn can darken it, depress it, or give it detachment. Rahu can cloud it or confuse it or cause us to lose power over our minds.

Moon is not only responsiveness but also inertia. Through our lunar sensitivity we can become accustomed to a life of pain, sorrow or ignorance as well as to one of joy and truth.

The mind is purely a dependent consciousness; it has no real nature of its own. As such it can function in one or two ways: it can reflect the inner nature of things or their outward appearance.

On the level of human relationships, the Moon represents theMother. It shows our level of emotional and material security and contentment in life. In objective world it represents home, motherland, or where we feel at home.

The Moon indicates relationship, interchange, and communication. It shows our general propensity for relationship and how we receive others and view society. It also gives creativity and expression to the mind, the capacity to influence others as well as to be influenced ourselves. It can be used as general measure of our creativity as well as our popularity.

The Moon is our social nature and points our social concerns in life.

The moon governs water-water as a psychological symbol, water in our body or water in the world. Moon sustains the fluidity of body and mind. She allows us to flow.. As such, she is the creative flow of life, the stream of awareness, the waters of creation from whose well we must drink to find contentment in life. Sun creates Life and theWorld. Moon nurtures life and the world.

Summary :
In Body, Moon signifies stored life energy- fat,muscle, marrow, all water and liquids and chemicals flowing through nerves and veins. Moon signifies the digestive system. Our body shape and features and expressions which defines our personality. Our beauty and attractiveness are also indicated by Moon.

In subjective world : All our feelings and emotions. All our sensations, sound, touch, smell and all sensations. Our memory, capacity to reduce external sensations and perceptions to experience and feelings. Thurst, hunger, lust such feelings are the domains of moon. Our empathy, sentiment, pity are the domains of moon. Feeling of pain, sorrow, joy, contentment are the domains of moon.

In objective world : Moon signifies, Mother, country, birth place, people or public, woman, queen. Whatever is delicate, soft, elastic, liquid, water, waterways, river, ocean, domestic affairs, domestic bliss and harmony. All kinds of easily digestible food and nourishment, like milk, wheat, rice etc. peaceful and quiet person. Popular person. Ordinary non glamorous but useful profession. Agriculture, peasant. Property and wealth. Treasury, field covered with crop, agricultural silo. Useful ordinary household goods. Currency, coins, paper money. Public property. Indoor. Resting place. Residential building. White color. Pearl.

Sex : Female

Constitution :Air and water ( Kapha and Vata).