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Vedic astrologers treat Rahu as a more malefic form of Saturn. However, it is also acknowledged that Rahu can also function in a positive jupiterian way when associated with a strong planet or when in a strong house. As shadowy planets both the nodes take on and magnify the the power of planets with which they are combined either in the sign or with the lord of the sign. For example, Rahu in 10th house can boost up our career, but it may threaten our integrity in the process In conclusion they have some positive effects but mainly negative effects in the chart.

They are indicators or triggers of bad karma more than good karma. They may show when collective Karma shadows the individual life, and leads to collective catastrophes in the world like war, natural disaster, aircraft crash, etc. However, Ketu shows the completion of the Karmic cycle, is less malefic than Rahu because it begins the karmic cycle and bursts out the energy whereas Ketu In completion at least the energy is being internalized and withdrawn.

Rahu is regarded as the main planetary factor behind insanity, delusion, hallucination, and other neurological disorders, possession of acute negative energy and other such abnormal sensitivities of mind and nervous systems. The key to most nervous psychological and emotional disturbances susceptibility to drugs and psychic influences, mysterious diseases like cancer or neuron muscular dis orders as well as most inexplicable general mental unhappiness and depression can usually be traced to the influence of these two nodes in the chart. This is particularly true when they combine with an augment the negative forces of malefic like Saturn and mars.

Ketu is not that extreme malefic usually but it creates doubts, confusion, disturbance, anger, ambition, willfulness, and a critical and often narrow vision in life which may lead to conflict and severe confusion.

While Rahu shows an individual carried away by mass trends, collective, unconscious and a false sense of grandeur, or delusion, Ketu shows the individual caught in its own contracted negative energies like fear, insecurity pessimism, doubting and confusing alienated and obstinately separate.