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8.7) Saturn : “ Saturn has a tall and thin in build, has yellow eyes and is airy (vata) in constitution; he has large teeth, is lazy, lame and coarse hair”----Parashari 3.29

Saturn is the most feared, most misunderstood and most complex of all Planets. It is the king of the malefic planets. Saturn is the signifier of Death, disease, poverty, separation, ugliness and perversity.

But Saturn also possess a higher and more beneficent aspects at least from the standpoint of spiritual development. Even that spiritual evolution can be be stern and exacting, hard to live up to and to endure—It is the power of discipline, asceticism and solitude.

Saturn brings limitation and obstruction, hindrances in self-expression and in self manifestation, which may become oppression and adversity.

As Jupiter indicates the process of creation and expansion, Saturn brings about contraction and destruction. As Jupiter is great affirmer, Saturn is the great negator. As Jupiter is the God of Joy, he is the God of sorrow. As Jupiter is the optimist, he is the pessimist. As Jupiter shows the joy inherent in all life, Saturn reveals all life as misery. Jupiter is the positive teacher of the soul; Saturn is the negative guide. As Jupiter tells us that ’all is God’, Saturn drills into us that ‘nothing is Divine’ or immortal, that there is nothing truly real in the outer or material world.

Saturn is the signifier of disease, old age, decay and death-the great enemies of human life which overcome all life bound by time. As the most distant orbit among the major planets, Saturn is the major and also the most important influence we must all face in the end. Hence the placement of Saturn in the chart is the ultimate determinant of our fate and destiny in this life.

Our great fear of Saturn has measured the degree of our attachment to the material world and our inability to face the ultimate issues of our existence. Saturn shows us the limitation of this realm, which is the necessary but painful lesson we must learn to find our way into the unlimited. Saturn is the death that takes us beyond the limitations of mortal life, which is the gateway to the eternal, though straight and narrow as the razor’s edge.

Saturn gives us bad luck, misfortune, and oppression. It is the planet of bad Karma. Yet these may come upon a soul not because it was evil or slow to evolve in past lives. Some souls particularly highly evolved may seek such sorrow as a means of quicker and deeper spiritual growth in life. Anyone can resort to the Divine in prosperity, but who can do so in great adversity? That is the ultimate challenge of Saturn.

It is important to understand that the influence of Saturn is to delay, to withhold, to create obstacles but never to deny. That is also the ultimate lesson as well as reward from Saturn. What is the ultimate reward from Saturn, He will also allow us to retain it as permanent. Whether it is poverty or great wealth material or spiritual will also be the discretion of Saturn as the ultimate arbiter of Karma and destiny in our life.

A badly placed Saturn causes premature aging and decay of our physical and mental faculties. As a nervous planet Saturn obstructs nerve functioning and can cause neurological disorders, numbness, paralysis. Saturn is behind most chronic and degenerative diseases including arthritis and cancer.