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Summary :
Venus is the Guru of the demons or materialism. Mythology claims application of predictive astrology is the boon of Venus. Not only astrology, any Applied Science manifests through the power of Venus. The rules and principles of pure Science manifests through Jupiter, but its application in our life is the significations of Venus.

In the body : Venus signifies spermatozoa and Ovum, the reproductive organs. The other vital organs which gives us the skill for art and science are also signified by Venus. The eyes of the painter, the ears of the musician, hand and fingers of the artist and craftsmen. Venus signifies beauty, hence our face and facial appearance, the glow of the skin are all the domains of Venus.

In the subjective world : Pleasure and beauty that we feel and seek through our senses are the domains of Venus. Love and appreciation of beauty and Sexual attractions are the domains of Venus. Applied science and technology are domains of Venus. Social interaction skill are the domains of Venus. Sexual intercourse and skill are the domains of Venus. Our youth and beauty is the domain of Venus.

In the objective world : everything that is beautiful and used for comfort and luxury are the domains of Venus. Ornaments, beautiful furniture, clothes, cosmetics fashion and fashion accessories are domains of Venus. Wife or partner for Men.

Software for computer, tv, internet and for all modern innovations are domains of Venus. Gourmet food, all life style products, accessories and services are the domains of Venus. Entertainment place, performing arts, writer, poet, musicians, dancers are all domains of Venus. Beautiful garden, beautiful tourist spots all are domains of Venus.

Sex : female

Constitution : Water and Air ( Kapha and Vata)