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Basic Course Details:
Course duration - 4 months
Number of semesters - 4

Horoscope Software : Link to download horoscope software will be available for each registered student in his Course MY page

Online Test : You will be eligible to appear for Online test after 7 days of registration for the current semester. In each test for the first 3 semesters there will be approximately 40 questions covering all the lessons which will be randomly generated from a databank of questions. There will be time limit to answer the questions in each test.

A student will be given 3 chances during 1 month period following the uploading of the courses. However, a student can take his/her own pace (even more than 1 month, if needed) to qualify for online test in each semester. Minimum qualifying marks to clear each test for the first 3 semesters will be 40%. A student will be allowed to access the next semester course material only after he/she has cleared the test. The student will be able to access his/her performance in each test on line instantly after submission of answers within the prescribed time limit. At the end of 4th Semester, there will be project work which has to be submitted and will be evaluated by Mr. Satrajit Majumdar offline and the student will be informed about his/her performance through mail and the final score. The Project report will have the maximum weightage among all the semesters.

Course Outline for Basic Astrology Course

First Semester : Basic concepts . Fundamental Hypothesis of Vedic Astrology. Explanations of Zodiac , Zodiac signs, Planets , Houses. Nature of Zodiac Signs. Nature of Planets. Significance of Houses. Speed of Planets. Relationship between Zodiac Signs and Planets.

Second Semester : The horoscope and casting of horoscope. The relationship between each planet. The Dignity of planet in horoscope Explanation of aspects between planets and houses. Explanation of Retrograde planets, and combust planets. Different methods to measure strength of planets in a horoscope and their significance.

Advanced explanation of House concepts. Principles of Ashtakbarga calculations and ashtakbarga chart in the horoscope. House strengths and different methods to measure house strengths in a horoscope.

Third Semester : Effect of different ascendants, different sun signs ‘ different moon signs. Effect of planets in different signs. Effect of planets in different houses. Effect of lords of houses in different houses. Special significance of Rahu/Ketu axis in the chart. Effect of retrograde planets in the chart.

Fourth Semester : Explanation of different Yogas in the chart. How to compile the natal promises in a horoscope.

Introduction of Dynamic analysis of the chart. Explanation of Dasha system. Explanation of Transit System. The art of prediction and how to synthesize as well as delineate the effects of planets and houses in chart. Case studies to explain when and why events will get triggered as per natal promises in the chart.

Project has to be submitted during the month of May by each student to qualify for certification.

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