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Basic Course Details:
Course duration - 4 months
Number of semesters - 4

Objective of the course :
To provide a clear understanding of the basic principles of Astrological concepts as per Vedic astrology like Zodiac, planets, houses, horoscope, Planet strength , planet weakness, House strength , house weakness, Natal promise in the horoscope, Transits, Planet Periods and Sub-periods and Sub-Sub periods as per Vimsottari Dasha System. Limitations of Astrology. How to use astrology in a positive and proactive spirit.

Entry Profile of Participant :
No prior knowledge of astrology required. Serious intent to understand astrology. Good understanding of English as the instructions will be in English

Exit Profile of Participant after completion of Basic course :
Fully competent to decipher one’s own horoscope. Understanding of ups and downs in life. Will be able to identify the future proactive signatures in one’s life as well as the challenging situations in one’s life. Will be able to formulate the best strategy to realize one’s full potential in life.

Minimum requirement :
Should be able to access horoscope of his own as well as various Free reports available to free registered members of However, desirable will be that the participant should download one of the public domain free astrology software like ‘Jagannath Hora’ from the internet after registering himself with the course.

Methodology :
Every Month , Cyber Astro will upload one new Semester containing set of astrology tutorials as per the course content. After each semester candidate needs to appear and pass an online exam in order to move to the next semester. However in the 4th semester, the student had to submit a project which completely interpret a horoscope of his/her own choice. The exam score will be provided on-line after the complete exam has been submitted. The participant can however complete each semester as per his/her own pace. At the end of the course, each participant will be provided with a certificate of participation from along with his/ her grade.

Charges :
In order to encourage maximum members to embark on this wonderful journey of experiencing the power of astrology in his/her life, we are offering this Basic Astrology course completely FREE to all our registered FREE members.

Course Outline for Basic Astrology Course

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