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Basic Online Astrology Course

If you are a Jyotish Jigayasu, this is a section meant for you to explore Vedic Astrology concepts. In this new era of modern science, there is one subject that drives curiosity of many of us, which is Vedic astrology. It is a calculative science that is known and acclaimed by people from years and is said to the basis of first cosmologies. Astrology has a deep connection in determining our future which is why astrologers use various techniques to give Astro readings based upon analysis of birth chart of an individual.

Vedic Astrology is a system of knowledge devised by human beings in past era that deals with the study of planets and their influence in our lives. All the 9 planets are known to give significant impact on different aspects of life like education, profession, wealth and personal matters. Recognized as the science of fate or destiny, Hindu Astrology is an ancient wisdom preserved by mankind to help make calculations based upon one’s birth details to predict their future. What to expect and what to avoid can be foreseen upon thorough analysis of a natal chart.

Modern astronomy dealing with movement of planets or celestial bodies and birth of universe is more intricate and advance and without corresponding with these extensive modern culture and modern science, astrology will lost its existence. It will act completely dead and irrelevant. Moving in tune with today’s spiritual age and interests of modern people, it become necessary to brought back ancient wisdom and vast mainstream of knowledge into their life! This will ensure bringing back soul to our existence and day o day life in this materialistic society.

Taking into account demand of our esteemed members, Cyber Astro have decided to commence online astrology course wherein you will find tons of knowledge on Vedic astrology. It will enable you to learn astrology, free of cost. Our emphasis will be to renew your interest in astrology & to encourage hypothesis and formulation done back 5000 years ago. We are launching this program to provide course material prepared by famous astrologer & CEO of CYBER ASTRO, Mr. Satrajit Majumdar.

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What Our Members Say…

I hereby thank you and the entire team of Cyber Astro Ltd.especially Mr. Satrajit Majumdar for this noble endeavour of Jyotish Jigyasu and providing an opportunity for learning the ancient Science of Astrology. With Regards
Kapil Vinayak

Thanks a lot for quick response. Please convey my regards to Team Cyberastro for this fantastic opportunity extended to us Please inform for this kind of courses in future also. Regards