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Basic Online Astrology Course

In this new age, it is time that each one of us discover a new vision of Vedic astrology in our lives. Astrology no doubt is the original and oldest of the systems of Knowledge devised by Human beings. It was the most important of the sciences of human culture until the advent of modern science. Astrology was the basis for the first cosmologies, through which the ancient sages comprehended the structure and movements of the universe. It was the science of fate or destiny, used for understanding events on earth,which were seen as originating in the heavens. Astrology was not only the foremost of the outer sciences which deal with the nature of the physical universe, it was one of the most important of the inner or spiritual sciences which deal with mind and soul --David Frawley in The Astrology Of Seers.

Unfortunately Vedic astrology over the years has degenerated into a mere soothsaying,fortune telling or for some practicing astrologers it has become just a value added tool to sell gem stones, remedies and rituals and has lost much of its essential spiritual content.

Modern astronomy dealing with birth of universe and the movements in heaven is intricate and extensive-more than any previous civilization-- Without corresponding advances in tune with modern culture and modern science, astrology will also become dead and irrelevant. For a new spiritual age and with new interest and consciousness about ancient wisdom, it is time that astrology and astrology study is brought back to mainstream of human knowledge. That will bring back the soul to our existence and in our everyday life in todays totally materialistic and consumer society.

In order to renew interest in astrology it is also necessary to create a new methodology to teach astrology which should encourage questioning and which must not merely accept the hypothesis or formulation made 5000 years ago. It must adapt itself to modern scientific spirit, modern sensibilities and modern advances in physical and social sciences.

As Sage Parashar himself stated in his last chapter in Parashar Hora Shastra, that the astrological principles that he has enumerated must be applied by future generation of astrologers after adapting it to Sthaan, Kaal and Patra that is place, time and the individual.

Keeping this objective in mind is commencing Online Astrology Courses through its web site enabling the lovers of astrology to learn astrology, free of cost.

We are launching the Basic Astrology Program. The course material for this basic astrology course is designed by our CEO, Mr. Satrajit Majumdar.

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What Our Members Say…

I hereby thank you and the entire team of Cyber Astro Ltd.especially Mr. Satrajit Majumdar for this noble endeavour of Jyotish Jigyasu and providing an opportunity for learning the ancient Science of Astrology. With Regards
Kapil Vinayak

Thanks a lot for quick response. Please convey my regards to Team Cyberastro for this fantastic opportunity extended to us Please inform for this kind of courses in future also. Regards

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