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My daughter K Kavya'a result has been declared yesterday and she has scored with your blessings 89%. Thank U for your predictions.

I had an excellent conversation with Mr. Pradeep Kumar. He was outstanding in his feedback to all my questions and concerns. I really appreciate his depth of knowledge. I am very satisfied with the whole conversation. In addition, I would also like to mention that Cyber Astro is an excellent organization with true commitment and outstanding staff. Your responses and feedback are very timely and satisfying.

Needless to say I am very frequent visitor to your website and week ahead reports are amazing ... now I dont need to look for a pandit to read my future. But I had to go and look for one pandit recently when my sister had a baby ... then I thought why dont u guys have a special links for the new born ... where one can see all the basic things for free and some important services on premium ... just a suggestion ! Good job keep it up...

I've been a Cyberastro fan and member for a long time now-so great to see the CDs back.. Excellent selection. Two things: Can I use my reward points to purchase CDs? Can I purchase the complete Yoga CD set (as you could before) - if so what is the cost? Your work is great.
Brenda Spuerling

"I would like to express my excitement about reading my horoscope. It has been the most accurate reading I have ever had. I was shocked to read the astrological analysis you have carried out in relation to the section concerning the "most important life-event until now". You have been extremely accurate in identifying the reason that I have suffered from depression in 1993. CyberAstro is probably the best astrology web site I have ever encountered. Very professional."

"Thank you so much for my predictions. They are very accurate. I have been studying Western astrology for several years and have recently become interested in Vedic as well. The parts about my mother and father were right on the money. Both passed away in the time periods mentioned."
Marjorie Jo Clark

Once again thank you for the wonderful yagna- it was so wonderful to watch. I would like to thank all of you for making this possible and also all the people who took part. I look forward to the Prasad and just hope some benefit from these yagnas will be felt in my life at some point. Finally I was very impressed by the professionalism of all who held the yagna and the way it was done. You are all so hard working and take what you do so seriously. So, look forward to some peace now... thank you and god bless

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