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Can't thank you enough for all the infornmation on your site!! You guys are the best!! I'd have never taken the time to explore further and now that I have, I am very pleased with what you are doing!!..& once again, I have to thank you for MAILING my report to me rather than having it sent through email..I have internet access only at my local library, and having to print it out here would have been a real thanks again for the mailing!! I will be ordering another report in the near future.......Keep up the good work!!!!!!
Ben Grego

You write so nicely and your words really touch my heart. Let me share that joy with you, to make you also feel happy and proud that your work reach many. Thanks With great regards to the wonderful work you do.

I received all the items yesterday. I am very pleased with your Kanakdhara Yagna’s CD and Prasad. I would like to be considered for any future poojas. Please notify me of any future religious celebrations. Best regards
Mark Kirby

I am bringing this extremely happy news that my brother was released on bail from the prison and I am extremely thankful to you and to Dr. Pandy and hist staff for the special yagna held for my brother. God has answered our prayers and we are very grateful to almighty god. I also received the planatary yantra sent for xyz. The yantra is for planet Venus and preparing him for that. Also, he was recommended to wear a yellow sapphire and a emerald stone. I would be grateful to if you could give me the rituals to follow before he adorn the above rings please. Once again all my and my family member's heartiest thanks for doing the yagna and hope the rest of this matter wil be sorted without any problem."

"Your accuracy is simply the best of anyone who I have ever dealt with. Your caring for your clients is almost unheard of. I am simply proud to be your client."
Jim Sinclair

"I must tell you that you're managing the most extraordinary horoscope website! Congratulations!! I saw many other similar "items" and you're the best!!! I'm very pleased to visit your site!"

"You have given an exact description of my nature. Everything related to health is also matching. Similarly the analysis of the present situation is accurate. It gave me hope that situations will change and now I have decided to fight the conditions. I will be a regular visitor to your site. Thank you Very Very Much."
B K Anand

"Namaste. And thank you for the birthday gift. Being in Sade Sati at the moment, it is nice to know when I can come up to take a breath. Buddho Saranay."
Gia von Karl

"Thank you for the reading. It was stunningly accurate, and I am looking forward to the future predictions it made. Sincerely,"
Mariko Nagai

I wanted to let you know that the beautiful emerald ring arrived yesterday and I have been able to wear it from this Wednesday morning, as per the advice. Thank you so much

My daughter K Kavya'a result has been declared yesterday and she has scored with your blessings 89%. Thank U for your predictions.