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I am glad I got to talk to Mr Pandey on phone about my business report. I am pleased to see the professionalism and the approach to handle the customer concerns. I feel sorry for the last feedback report due to lack of understanding and communication gap. Now I could understand the harsh /real truth of my astrological chart. I am highly thankful to you for helping me to understand my business report. I hope it will help me to finalize my future plans. Looking for a long term association with cyberastro and would like to say thanks to Mr Majumdar and Mr. Pandey for their true professionalism. Thanks & Regards
Vivek Singh

I have ordered the Relationship Analysis Report from cyberastro. Kindly allow Dr.J.N.Pandey to analyse my report as I had already taken Telephone astro counselling on 4th of April 2008 and Dr.J.N.Pandey was really great at his work.Therefore, I once again request Dr.J.N.Pandey to analyse my chart. Warm regards,

I thank you very much for visiting Dubai & I am indeed fortunate for having a direct session with you & for your invaluable advice. The session with you was very much rewarding for it makes me understand myself much better & the purpose of my life. Eventually it makes one understand that there is a boundary or levels pre-destined which man cannot change & has to accept it. I am also looking forward for a long & lasting relationship with yourself & cyberastro. Wishing you & your family the very best. Kind Regards,
Mubeen Imran

Great Job! Im really enjoying the live webcast of my personalized Manglik Shanti Yagna ceremony. Thank you very much
Bonnie Duran

I have been following your predictions and purchasing reports from your site since 2003 and to say your predictions is good would not suffice. Your reports and predictions plays a pivotal role in my life and almost every step or decision I made was only after consulting your team. I am in the verge of having another breakthrough in my career and can't wait to see your prediction come true, which will in any way. Execllent work. Keep it up and I will be your ardent fan always. Kind Regards
Navaneetharaj Rajan, Malaysia

Thank you very much for your analysis of my Gochara Pahalita. You are absolutely correct in the predictions. Being an astrologer myself I thought it helps boost your prediction prowess and hence this reply.
Syam babu

"Your message received from India last week is deeply appreciated. Your accuracy is simply the best of anyone who I have ever dealt with. Your caring for your clients is almost unheard of. To send a message unsolicited of a positive nature during a crisis period certainly helped me deal with the problems at hand. I am simply proud to be your client."
Jim Sinclair

"Accuracy of Complete Life Predictions is about 80% or higher... I think the life prediction is more than an X-ray of my whole life."
Elieazer Gadkar

Last week I spent a wonderful hour speaking with Satrajit Majumdar. What a fine gentleman! If we lived closer it would be wonderful to spend time with him, get to know him and develop a friendship. Regretfully 12,000 miles is a bit of a hope for tea or an evening meal. In the course of your day, if you see him, would you please send him my compliments and let him know how very much I appreciate his time, expertise, and kindness? I'll definitely want to speak to him again in some month’s time. I'll need to renew my gold membership before then, but I'm sure you'll let me know of that ahead of time….. Thank you again for all your help.
Thom Foster