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“We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.” --Earl Nightingale. Cyber Astro offers special "Reward Programme" for its esteemed members. Upon signing up you will get 50 redeem points. Each point carries a value because it has been well earned by you so, go ahead and encash your reward points.

1. Every time you place an order you will earn a point.
2. Whatever orders you have placed since 15th April, 2003 till date, the reward points has been calculated at the same scale and has been credited to your account and you can redeem the same anytime with your future order with us.
3. Reward points will be calculated as per the Indian Rs. value and will be converted into US$. It should be noted that the conversion of currency may vary as per the current exchange rate of US dollar with respect to Indian Rupees.
4. The value of 1 reward point is equal to 1 INR

SIGN UP NOW!!! to avail Reward points

The calculation of the “Reward Point” for each category has been listed below:-

Category where you will earn reward points

Earned Reward Points

Value of the Points

1. On becoming a free member of our website. 50 INR 50/-
**USD 1.25
2. On order of any astrology report (5 reward points per Rs 100/) 5 INR 5/-
**US 12.5 cents
3. On order of any astrological yantra or community Yagna (2.50 reward points per Rs100/) 2.50 INR 2.50
**US 6.25 cents
4. On order of any gemstone or personalized Yagna (1 reward points per Rs 100/) 1 INR 1/-
**US 2.5 cents

NOTE:- Please note the reward points that you have earned can only be encashed as discount to any products and services that you order in future. This discount will be over and above any discount coupons that Cyberastro will offer you from time to time as part of regular promotion Programme.