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Cyber Astro offers special "Purchase Discount Programme" for its esteemed members.

1. Upon signing up you will get 50 discount coupons.
2. You will get different type of discount Coupons with your every purchase on Cyber Astro website.
3. Discount coupons will be calculated in the form of percentage of purchase value for different product and services.
4. The discount value will be INR 1 for 1 discount coupon and same will be converted with approximate USD value for customers residing out of India.
5. Discount coupons can be only utilised in the form of discount on transaction value with your future purchase on Cyber Astro website only.
6. This discount coupon will be over and above to any promotional or membership discount offered by Cyber Astro time to time.
7. At once, maximum discount coupons can be utilised up to 50% of product/service value listed on Cyber Astro website.

SIGN UP NOW!!! to earn Purchase Discount

Discount coupons calculation methodology for purchase of different category product and services.-

Categories to get discount Coupons

Discount Coupons

1. On becoming a free member of our website. 50
2. On order of any astrology report purchase value of per INR 100 5
3. On order of astrological yantras or community Yagnas purchase value per INR 100 2.50
4. On order of gemstones or personalized Yagnas purchase value per INR 100 1