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The Affiliate Member Program

A code will be provided to create a link window on your site. This link would open to a daughter window where the predictions will appear. The link displays the following "Powered by" with our Logo. The Window collects from the user his/her date & month of birth or zodiac sign, as the case may be so that the relevant prediction (of static nature or same for all visitors submitting the same parameters) is streamed to the daughter window from our site.

Besides the Free daily prediction based on Zodiac Sign, there also exists free Weekly, Monthly, Yearly predictions, Romantic Compatibility and Horoscope Chart. The content available to the Affiliate Member will be expanded from time to time. With each addition, we will send the additional codes via e mail to the Member for incorporation on to the Astrology page.

This level of content syndication is completely free and we shall supply the link codes to your email id upon submission of the Affiliate Membership form.