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Membership Comparison Chart

Cyber Astro is always dedicated to provide its members with trustworthy astrology services from years. We have introduced three types of membership plans for our members. You can now choose from any of the below membership, depending upon the type of astrology services, you wish to access. With Free membership, you get access to service tick marked right, while for silver & gold members, we have enhanced list of service offerings. Pick the membership of your choice and enjoy special benefits.

Membership Benefits Free Membership Silver Membership Gold Membership
Your Birth Chart
Today's Astro Advice
Your Ascendent Prediction
Your Sun Sign Prediction
Your Moon Sign Prediction
Meditation room
Special status of planets
Monthly Features
Happiness Index- Past 5 Years
Happiness Index- Future 5 Years
Your Day Ahead
Your Week Ahead
  (Worth INR 49 or USD 1)
Your Month Ahead
  (Worth INR 99 or USD 2)
Monthly Karma Index
  (Worth INR 99 or USD 2)
Effect of planets
Your Natal Planets Prediction
Your Vital Connect
Free 10 Instant Reports
  (Worth INR 199 or USD 3.5 each)
Discount on Astrology Reports
  (Over and above promotional discount)
10% 20%
Discount on Schedule Counselling
  (Worth Upto INR 3100 or USD 50)
25% 25%
Discount on Astro Remedies
10% 10%
Membership Fee 100% FREE Paid Paid
Available for You
Not Available