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As soon as you register and activate your Free Membership, you will earn 50 reward points which you can encash with our products and services.

Your Birth Chart

Get your Vedic Natal chart with the planetary configurations in the houses of your horoscope alongwith their degrees, minutes in a particular sign.

Today's Astro Advice

Get personalized exclusive astro advice everyday regarding different aspects of your life like on your profession, health, finance and relationship based on your personalized birth chart.

Your Day Ahead

Check your day ahead every day. This prediction indicates different planetary movement for the day. It shows what type of combination the planets are making today, the natal position of planets in your horoscope.

Your Ascendant Prediction

Ascendant signifies your body, mind and soul and would project it to the world at large in this life. Ascendant prediction will indicate how you will manifest your potential to the external world.

Your Sun Sign Prediction

Sun signifies our soul. Your sun sign prediction gives you your potential in every aspect of your life. It marks the important milestones in your life.

Your Moon Sign Prediction

If, facing multiple issues related to marital or romantic aspect of life and confused to take decisions then get answer/solutions to your three important concerns related to romance life.

Happiness Index

Happiness Index gives you a unique graphical trend for your overall well- being during last five years and the cut off date when the trend has changed based on the transit of planets with respect to your horoscope.

Meditation Room

In the personalized meditation room we are identifying the most challenging planet in your chart for a particular day. Our Recommendation- Spare 2 minutes of your time and meditate on the most challenging planet of today.

Special status of planets

The special status of planets can mean a very different picture together with the combined effect of the other planets.  Hence, special status of the planets is an important karmic indicator in your natal chart.

Monthly Features

These free monthly features reports will give you a fair idea about for a month including the impact of planets such as Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and more in your life.

Personalised Astrology Reports

You will be entitled to get more than 65 Personalised Astrology Reports on different aspects of life like health, career, finance and relationship.