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Q1.What is a Discount Coupon?

A Discount Coupon is the coupon which you can use to get discount on specific products from our website.

Q2. How many types of Discount Coupon are available?

Currently we have two types of discount coupons:

a. General Discount Coupon

This type of Discount Coupons is issued time to time for our users for some specific discount on specific products, which are valid till a specific date. This discount can be from 5% to 20%. Any user can use this coupon to avail discount on those specific products before the expiry of that coupon.

b. Membership Discount Coupon

This type of discount coupons is issued to our Premium Member. A Premium member can use this discount coupon to get the specific discount on specific product.

Q3. What is Membership Discount Coupon?

Premium Membership Coupon:

Whenever a user upgrades his membership to Premium Membership, we issue him/her following 4 discount Coupons, which he/she can see in her/his My Page Section.

i The Coupon ends with –1 is eligible for a discount of 10% on all Astrology Reports.
ii The Coupon ends with –2 is eligible for a discount of 100% on all instant Reports.
iii The Coupon ends with –3 is eligible for a discount of 100% on Telephonic Astro Counseling.
iv The Coupon ends with –4 is eligible for a discount of 100% on Ask a Question Report.

Q4. From where can I get Discount Coupon?
You can see a General Coupon on our Hot Deal Section of Home Page. For a Member Coupon, you have to login yourself and check your ‘My Page’ to see your special discount coupon.

Q5. I am a Premium Member. Can I use a General Coupon and my Membership Coupon together for one transaction?
Yes. Premium Member can use his Membership coupon in addition to our General Coupon e.g. we are offering discount coupon for ‘Ask Us’ product of 10% then a Premium Member can avail an additional discount of 10% i.e. 20% Discount.

Q6. What is the validity of Discount Coupons?
Our General Coupon is valid till a specific date and Membership coupon is valid till your Premium membership is valid.

Q7. What are the steps to use my Discount coupon?

To use a Discount Coupon, use the following steps:

  1. Note down your Coupon Code.
  2. Go to Order Page.
  3. Enter your Coupon Code in the order page in front of “If you have a coupon code, please enter it here” in the input Box.
  4. Click on “Process Coupon” button and wait for 5-20 seconds, depending upon your Internet speed.
  5. Check “Order Details” Section, you can see changes in List Price of your product, Your Price shows the net amount you have to pay after deducting your discount. You Save shows amount you save in this transaction.
  6. If you have other Coupons, follow the same steps from c-e.
  7. Select the Payment option in “Pay By” Section under payment option and Click on “Submit” Button.
  8. Please note you have to select this option even if you do not have to pay any money for product/services that are free after you have used all the coupons.