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Different aspects of life signified by each House in the Horoscope

1st House

The First House is known as the House of Self. It represents the inner self (the Soul), and the outer self (the Body). It indicates the way we project ourselves--our behavior and attitude to the external world, as well as our physical attributes. It also signifies our life in general. In the body it signifies the head and face.

2nd House

The Second House represents the result of the synthesis between the Growth and Progress of the inner self and the outer self. In material terms, it describes the net wealth that we build for ourselves, as well as the potential that we have to earn such wealth, and the material things that we value most in our life.

3rd House

The Third House represents the inputs and their strength for our Material Progress. Thus, it is the house of Communication (our power of speech, our courage, determination and confidence), and the way we process and analyze events and experiences on an intellectual plane. It also describes our siblings, immediate neighbors or extended family and friends. In the body it represents the hands, shoulders and lungs.

4th House

The Fourth House represents Domestic Bliss. It represents our Mother and her influence on our life. It also represents our residence, possession of real estate, comfort of conveyance. In general it represents ancestry, heritage, our roots with our birthplace. In the body it represents the breasts and the digestive system.

5th House

The Fifth House represents our Creative Instinct and Urges. Thus, it signifies love and romance in our life. It signifies children. It also represents our efforts and achievements in the field of education. In the body it represents the heart and back.

6th House

The Sixth House is the house of Health, Enemy and Obstacles in our life. Thus, it represents our Physical Fitness and indicates any disease--that is any disturbance of ease in our body and mind. Thus, it will indicate our routine responsibilities, and it will point out any obstacles or enmity that we may face in our performance of routine responsibilities. In the body it represents the stomach and intestines.