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Rahu-Ketu Transit
A Rahu-Ketu transit simply means brace up for the unexpected. It is a time when anything can happen. With planetary influence of these Shadow Planets, either you may end up getting your dream job or may end up getting laid off for no reason. Many believe this transit to be a chance to take a Giant Leap in their careers. If you are wondering whether or not Rahu-Ketu transit will impact your career and you will find your dream job, please refer to Rahu-Ketu Astrological forecast

Mars Transit
The Planet of Passion, Mars’ transit makes for a time with mixed results for job seekers. Making a career move during this time is highly favorable for job seekers. This is also a good time to become self-employed or start a business if other factors (and Mars itself) are favorable. Employed professionals may also get caught up in conflicts with those in authority and may be handed over Pink Slips. On the contrary, Mars may bless you with its powers to pour in all your energy into self-promotion during a job interview.

Venus Transit
The Planet of Love and Money, Venus stands for money. And Venus Transit is a celestial influence generally favorable for job seekers. Planet Venus fuels your personality with self confidence and you come across as especially competent during your interviews. But it makes sense to be alter and attentive during a Venus Transit for it may also bring in unexpected lay-offs for you.