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Unlike earlier, bagging a god opportunity and switching jobs does not remain a cakewalk anymore. Any working professional who is a job change is faced with a volley of mind-boggling questions. Perhaps the most significant question remains the timing of the switch — when is the best time to take that Giant Leap in the career? But most professionals in this scenario end up getting confused and perplexed due to the sheer ambiguity of this question. If you too have been spinning your wheels looking for a dream job or a dream switch, Vedic astrology could be your best bet to find out if the grass is actually greener on the other side. Read on to know about the astrologically best times to lap up a desired job opportunity.

Jupiter Transit
The Planet of Plenty, Jupiter is the provider of good luck and fortune and helps professionals get through job interviews with relative ease. A Jupiter Transit seems to open the doors of success for professionals considering a job change. When Jupiter is in the same degree as the Sun, is in the same sign, or is in the opposite sign, it is the best time for job seekers to lap up quality job opportunities. During this time, it makes sense to rewrite your resume, set out for job hunting and lap up the best possible opportunity. But remember, this Planet of Plenty just guides you to the door of success and thereafter, it’s on you to either rock that chance to succeed or just succumb to the pressure.

Saturn Transit
The Naturally Malefic Planet, Saturn represents hard work, dedication and accountability for a given task. A Saturn transit spells as new and good job opportunities and promotions and recognition at current jobs for some. However, this planetary influence may spell as a Pink Slip from current place of employment for others. If Saturn transit happens early in one’s life, it makes a person much more professionally matured and responsible. Saturn's transit is a time when either you get lots of good opportunities coming your way or you end up losing your otherwise good jobs.