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There are many times when things go awry and even the calmest of souls lose their cool and get angry and irritable. In fact, angst is perhaps one feeling that cannot be suppressed or concealed. And one needs to vent out for if your anger is bottled up, it may ruin your health. But most people fear that venting out in public may bring them a bad face and harm their reputation. Here’s a little listing on some positive ways to vent out your anger for different zodiac signs.

Born leaders - Aries want everything their way and when things go out of their hand, they get angry beyond control. If you are amongst the bunch of angry Aries, do well to your hands at different games. Some suggestions are Vice City, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Far Cry, etc. Try this and you will be able to extinguish those flames of anger inside you without losing your face in public.

Earthy Sign – Taurus is the most patient sign of all. But when Taurus is stubborn and when they loose temper, it’s very difficult to cool them down. So if you an angry Taurean, try indulging in earthy country music for it will tone down your anger and will bring you close to your element – Earth.

Practical in nature, Gemini is one sign that does not get upset so easily. But if furious Gemini can take hours before they calm down. Angry Gemini must walk away from the situation, this would help them reflect, breathe, calm their nerves and come up with a rational plan to address the issue.