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Libra always like to keeps their temper under check. But when pissed off, Libra simply goes unruly. For such angry Libra natives, Yoga could be a great way to vent out. Exerting energy in this way will help you vent out your anger and also maintain your health at the same time.

Scorpions are perhaps the most complicated of signs when they are furious. Scorpions find it insulting to ‘let go’. For Scorpio, a very healthy way of exerting their powerful emotion of anger is the brilliant punch a pillow exercise. So if you are amongst the herd of those angry Scorpions who like to follow the trail and take revenge, try smashing your frustration and feeling into the pillow and ‘let it go’.

Hard to control, angry Sagittarians are like fire balls. They are too curt and aggressive when furious. If you are a Sagittarian and believe in smashing someone’s head out to vent out, try treading a different path this time. Get a piece of paper and write down your thoughts on everything that makes your blood boil. Try pretending that you are talking to another person if it helps.