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Usually composed and peaceful, Capricorns get provoked too easily and do not mind creating a ruckus if angry, no matter what the repercussions. And if you belong to this group of hyper aggressive Capricorns, try reading a book, singing a song at the top of your voice or playing a stupid game. In fact, do anything that takes your mind off the source of your angry feelings.

Calm and relaxed Aquarians are not easily instigated. However, when they get angry, they are like a whirlwind of fiery and it’s hard to get spared from their wrath. But there are many diversions that can take your mind off that angry feeling. Try reading a bestseller, solve the rubix cube or devote some time some time solving the newspaper crosswords and divert your attention from your anger.

Hyper sensitive, Pisces gets angry very often. And if Pisceans get angry, they are likely to get furious. They become boisterous and unruly. But they easily forget and move on. For Pisceans, it is smart to calm the anger with their own element water. So if you are a Piscean and are angry, do well to take a bath or swim a few laps for water will calm down your tensed nerves.