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Cancers know how to keep their cool, quite like Taurus. Nevertheless when they get angry, it’s difficult to calm them down. If you are an angry Cancer, try meditating and spend some time alone for it will help you release the tension. Deep breathing and relaxation is the sure-fire way to replace anger with calm.

Leo likes to be in control but when provoked Leo is too difficult to handle. And if you are a fiery lion and want to lash out at people, wait a second! This will harm your reputation. So try venting out in a positive way for it will help you feel better. Why don’t you punch a pillow and yell at it will help you release that tension.

Virgo is perhaps one sign that’s most hard to control when angry. They become violent and dangerous when they lose temper. But this powerful emotion of angst can be channelized into creating something beautiful. So if you an angry Virgo, why don’t you try playing Picasso for a day! It will surely help you calm down and relax your tensed nerves.