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For nine sacred nights and ten holy days, the entire country comes together and commemorates the power of the Goddess Durga – an epitome of courage, kindness and compassion; that’s the magic of Shardiya Navratri! Great fortune, immense wealth, career growth, superb health and harmonious relations; this opportune festival is perhaps the most favorable time for all aspects of your life.

Shardiya Navratri is the time when an amazing festive frenzy and spiritual vibe imbues the country to its hilt. This amazing festival, celebrated to commemorate the powers of Goddess Durga, brings people from almost every walk of life together for 9 nights and 10 days.  Entire country puts on the festive shoes during this occasion and several rituals and traditional ceremonies performed across the country add glittering stars to the already dazzling aura of the festivities.

And with our exclusive Navratri offers, you can add more colors to this colorful festival this year.

Navratri Special Offers

Chandi Paath
The energized and attuned Chandi Paath Kit enhances your wealth and helps you overcome your financial troubles. By listening to or reciting along the Chandi Paath mantras, you can see growth in your business and also see a spurt in your returns from investment. The auspicious Chandi Paath Kit now comes with flat 10% discount! But hurry, this offer expires 02nd October. So order the Chandi Paath Kit now and ensure luck and prosperity in the near future!
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Life Prediction Report
This report provides you a complete analysis of various aspects of your life. Get accurate predictions regarding your love life, health, career, marriage, wealth, etc. The Life Prediction Report comes to you with an amazing discount of 20%! So order this report today and foresee all twists & turns in your future and lead a happy and prosperous life ahead…
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Ruby Gemstone
It is believed that the second manifestation of Goddess Durga – Shailaputri presides over the ‘Navaratna’ – Rub, also called Manik or Manikya in India. Ruby gemstone helps strengthen or propitiate Sun, especially if it is energized during Navratri festival. So order Ruby Gemstone and get it energized during Navaratri and ensure your chances of enhancing your self-confidence, developing cordial relations with influential people for career enhancement, seeking growth in business/career, and gain immense power and material possession. So order Ruby Gemstone and get it energized during Navratri and Maa Durga will shower limitless wealth and comforts on you.
Order Ruby gemstone and get it energized during the opportune occasion of Navratri!

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