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For starters, The Walking Dead is one of the most watched and talked-about American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series. Based on the comic book series, this exhilarating drama is all set to unfold for its season 5 and set all hearts-thumping and make the adrenaline level gushing with its 16 exciting episodes starting from October 12, 2014.

The Walking Dead is all about Police Officer - Rick Grimes who slips into Coma after being hit by a bullet and wakes up from coma to discover himself in a post-apocalyptic world crawled by cannibal zombies – Walkers. He embarks on a journey to find his wife and son and meets several other survivors. The story of The Walking Dead revolves around Rick and the group of survivors and their fight against all perilous odds to survive.

Astrological Exposé
The Walking Dead is a fictional story that revolves around a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. But what makes this series so talked-about and popular is its cast – who never fail to impress with the elaborate portrayal of their inner-turmoil, their inner-conflicts, their strength and weaknesses, their zeal to live and an elaborate range of other emotions. Here’s a little smattering on the zodiac signs of the top 5 most popular characters from the series. Please be advised that this article is entirely based on observation and personality as portrayed by each character and not their actual date of births. Rick Grimes (Aries) – He is a man of honor, one who believes in what he says. He is strong-willed and is devoted and caring towards his family. He constantly shows his generous side to everyone in his group and even beyond at times. He is optimistic and energetic and is a good leader. Sincere in his words, Rick is venturesome and daring. But at times, Rick is fiery and it is very hard to control him, especially when it comes to protecting his family and group. His character traits strongly suggest that he is an Aries man. Carl Grimes (Libra) – Rick Grimes’ son, Carl Grime is a daring boy for his age. He is fiery and controlled. He strongly believes in his family and generous in nature. He is a kind who doesn’t care about their lives when it comes to saving someone. But he appears to non-interventionist at times and is oft perplexed with his emotions. It seems as if he is constantly fighting his inner-turmoil. Carl’s personality traits strongly suggest him to be a Libra sign with Air element. Lori Grimes (Cancer) – A strong woman who believes in her family and stands by them through all thick and thins, Lori Grimes seems to be a Cancer woman. She is intuitive, practical, kind, energetic, dedicated, benevolent and caring. She is romantic and loves her husband to the T. But she doesn’t mind turning unfaithful when her husband is not by her side. Her personality traits suggest her to be a Cancer woman with Water element. Walsh (Scorpio) – Rick’s best friend and colleague, Shane Walsh is one of the most characters in the series. He believes Rick to be his brother but doesn’t rescue him from the hospital to keep him safe. He chooses to woo Rick’s wife in sexual relation and is very practical in his approach. Over possessive about Carl and Lori, Shane doesn’t mind killing other people. His complicated, possessive, arrogant and extreme behavior suggests him to be a Scorpion with Water element. Dixon (Aquarius) – One-of-his-kind, Daryl Dixon is one of the most loved characters in the series. He is tolerant, charitable and logical. He is a like one-man army and believes in himself rather than anyone else. A man of few words, Daryl Dixon believes in hard work and is not a cry baby. He is always ready to take challenges and is daring and full of valor. Very rarely, but he shows his generous side to his group mates. But at the same time he is disobedient, liberalistic and rebel. He is a perfect example of an Aquarius man with Air element. No wonder, Daryl’s fans don’t mind saying ‘If Daryl Dies, We Riot’!!!

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Please note: All information & images have been gathered from different Internet sources. This article is just for entertainment purpose only and is entirely based on observation and personality as portrayed by each character and not their actual date of births..