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Susan Boyle is the most talked and most viewed and most heard celebrity singer in the world today. She first appeared in public on 11th April, 2009 and since then in 6 weeks she was viewed and heard on the You Tube web site by 200 million people around the world, which itself is a world record, and it is more than the number of people who have watched president Obama’s inauguration ceremony on 21st January around the world. There are thousands of blogs and articles about Susan in the Internet today. Among them are also discussions of her chart and birth details by famous celebrity astrologers.

We also thought that by end of this week we will discuss her Vedic chart. What are those special combinations in her chart, which suddenly makes this unknown singer rise to this level of world wide fame and success in her profession? Which astrology signatures cause this miracle? I am not going to discuss the subsequent stories of Susan losing out in the finals, how she suffered a breakdown, subsequent allegations that audience poll was not correctly recorded or the final honor and recognition for her to have been invited to sing on 4th July, Independence day celebration and to participate in the family dinner with President Obama and their astrological significance. Those of you who are not aware of such developments should search the Internet for details. I am going to restrict myself on the miracle that happened on 11th April,2009 when the world heard her music for the first time.



Her Ascendant (Janma Lagna)- Gemini.
Her Moon-sign- Virgo in the 4th House.
Her Venus is retrograde in 11th House being 5th Lord and 12th Lord.
Her Sun is in 10th House.
Her 8th and 9th Lord is Saturn being located in 8th House in own sign.
Her Mars the 6th and 11th Lord is located in Ascendant. She is strong Mangalik.
Her 7th Lord and 10th Lord Jupiter is debilitated in 8th House conjunct with Saturn.
Rahu/ Ketu axis is between 3rd House and 9th House in her chart.
Finally Lord of Ascendant and Lord of 4th House Mercury is located in 9th House.
For her most favorable and beneficial planets are Sun ,Venus and Saturn.
For her most challenging planet is Jupiter, There is a strong Neech Bhanga Yoga for Jupiter (Cancellation of debilitation).
Mercury is favorable but weak in her chart.