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During year 2008, planet Sun had entered into sign Aries on 13th April 2008 at 18: 29: 00 when Virgo ascendant was effective. In this birth chart, the Lord of Ascendant planet Mercury was also in debilitated position and was placed in the seventh house along with exalted Venus. The above combination of debilitated Mercury and exalted Venus in the seventh house was effective to disrupt strategic partnerships among the different countries in the world which finally forced them to come together in G20 summit and adopt a joint strategy to revive the global economy by end of the solar year. The planet Moon represents the mass appeal or public image, which was placed in the eleventh house in its own sign Cancer, therefore we have seen the mass appeal and popularity of current US President Barack Obama in the last year's general elections, another great democratic country of the world. This popularity and mass appeal of Mr. Obama has given him the entry into White House and the chair of the President of the most powerful country of the world. However, despite of his mass appeal, he is not able to make much difference in the life of common man due to the retrograde position of planet Saturn. Since planet Saturn represents the life of common man, which was the Lord of fifth and sixth house and was placed in the twelfth house in retrograde position. This was the main reason that the world had faced financial meltdown during last year, which became worst after Jupiter entered Capricorn it's sign of debilitation by end of October 2008. Jupiter will remain debilitated during most of this year only except between 1st May till 30th July,2008, when there will be a sense of recovery but for short period only.