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According to the Vedic Astrology chart of 00: 46: 45 on 14th April 2009, planet Sun has entered in zodiac sign Aries, when Sagittarius ascendant was in effect. The Lord of Ascendant planet Jupiter is placed in second house in its sign of debilitation, Capricorn along with planet Rahu. This combination of Jupiter and Rahu does not indicate very good financial prosperity in the life of common man. At the same time, the combination of Jupiter and Rahu is creating Guru Chandaal Yoga which cannot be said to be good for the peace and harmony in the society.

Moon represents mass appeal or public at large, whereas planet Saturn represents the life of common man, therefore debilitated position of planet Moon in the twelfth house, being the Lord of the Eighth House cannot said to be good for mass level. In other words, with respect to general elections of great democratic country India, we find out that no leader will achieve the popularity and respect on mass level. Therefore, getting clear majority or mandate from the public could be difficult for any party or for any leader. So, there will be no escape from Hung-Parliament (Trishanku) results in upcoming general elections. If we closely analyze the role of Saturn which represents the life of common man, then it is also not indicating prosperity during the next solar year. This is because Saturn is the Lord of second and third house of the solar chart and it is placed in the ninth house in retrograde motion. So, a comfortable life could be a difficult and challenging task for a common man any where in the world due to economic slow down and the impact of recession on the whole world. I am not looking a t a very rosy picture for most of our members during next one year. So I would advise you to be ready and be alert to face any eventualities in your work front as well as in your financial front.