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The power of Mantra : The word 'Mantra' is derived from two words. 'Mana’ the mind which thinks and 'Trai' or to protect. Thus mantra is the science of training the mind by repeatedly chanting the Mantra to protect one’s self. The power of Mantra is the ultimate protection if it is chanted repeatedly thousands of times in our life, with ultimate devotion and with a spirit of surrender and not just repeatedly chanting a fixed number of times as a mechanical ritual. It is the most secret and most sacred of activities that one undertakes to seek protection or to seek fulfillment of one’s desires in life from the lord.

Absolute faith and a spirit of surrender is necessary. I myself have experienced the power of mantra in my life, to protect myself from the greatest danger and also it has fulfilled my impossible desires few times in my life. A Mantra is a mystical formula composed of letters ( or phonemes) and words that are meaningful to the person who is chanting the mantra.

The mantra is a collection of 'Akshara' categorized into a set of 5 alphabets in Sanskrit, meant to raise the Kundalini Shakti from the muladhara Chakra to the visudha Chakra in the first stage and either with or without a material objective in view. In this stage, mantra is recited verbally in a specific rhythm, a specific number of times daily. If it is done properly with single minded devotion, it is bound to give success in the material world by fulfilling material desires as well as all desires related to the Physical Plane of consciousness in different stages of the practice, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

And in Mantras are broadly categorized into 4 distinct types Category

You can click on above links to listen the mantras for Saturn recited by Dr Pandey, according to him these mantras are the best protection from the evil effects of Saturn, that you yourself can initiate.