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Saturn will be your friend or foe?  

Saturn will transit through Virgo throughout the year 2010. It is presently in retrograde motion and it will be direct on 30th May,2010. It is now apparently moving backwards in Virgo and on 30th May it will come to 3Degrees 50 minutes. From then it will move forward in Virgo and will finally reach 22 degrees 33 minutes in Virgo itself.

The maximum Ashtakbarga strength a planet can acquire as it transits through any sign will be 8 units. Each sign is of 30 degrees. In ashtakbarga calculations this 30 degrees is divided into 8 equal sectorsof 3 degrees 45 minutes each signifying the transit of the planet through each of these sectors. If ashtakbarga strength of Saturn through Virgo is 8 units ( rare in a chart) as per your natal chart, it will signify the planet Jupiter will be all the time beneficial and your friend throughout it’s transit through Virgo and will pull you up in every aspect of your life to a very great height. The minimum strength of a plan et as it transits through any sign will be zero( rare). This will mean the planet will be extremely challenging and will be your greatest enemy during it’s transit through any sign, and in present time it is Virgo and will push you to death like sufferings as per ancient text, throughout it’s transit of 2and half years through a particular sign. Any strength in between the maximum and minimum strength say 4 units will mean Saturn will be beneficial and a friend for you only during 4 sectors of it’s transit through Virgo, and will pull you up as per it’s natal promises for specific aspects in your life. However for remaining 4 sectors, Saturn will be your enemy and will push you to misery and suffering for those aspects in your life as per it’s natal promises.