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Over estimation of oneself and arrogance makes one intolerant. Modesty and an understanding of ones status and capabilities and their limits, nurtures tolerance. This realization opens up another window of perception, about the Supreme Controller and Creator of material nature and the mode of his administration. The truth is, he is not a punishing, or even an avenging God who wields pain and suffering as rods of retribution. Suffering is of our own making, and the responsibility for its occurrence must not be conveniently offloaded on God the Creator, in which case attempting to relegate Him to the ignominious role of a silent scapegoat.

The Gita states that all experiences in life are passing events and should be tolerated just as everyone must tolerate the changing of seasons. People may try to lessen or escape the unsavoury aspects of certain seasons, say for example excessive heat, cold or rains, or hay fever in Spring, through some external adjustments and manipulations, but these are on an individual basis only. Besides, the seasons themselves are there to stay as long as Mother Nature wills it. And whether we like it or not, everyone must simply accept it. In this respect, animals are not harassed by arrogance and pride, so instinctively but humbly they accept the stringent laws of nature . We humans should modestly learn from them. However, what we have to learn cannot be done without grasping the dynamics of the functioning of natural laws. These laws are irrevocable, but not partial or prejudiced, and simultaneously are equally disposed towards all. The fact is, just as laws of the land are meant to protect the law-abiding and righteous, so also natural laws given to us by the Supreme Controller are intended to reward us with living in freedom from fear and in happiness.

One of the most important factors determining the course of our lives is Time. Every event and non-event in life awaits the right moment before manifesting, never prematurely nor belatedly. However, due to our lack of insight into the mysterious functioning of Mother Nature we speculate and decree that some results came earlier or posthumously. Fishermen or farmers, whose profession trains them to become more perceptive to the changing moods of Mother Nature by being able to read certain signs know when to take their boats out to sea, or plant the seeds. Watering a plant with litres or, and tending it with a mound of fertilizer hardly helps in its premature sprouting or fruition. Thus one learns the art of patience through waiting, and the ability to judge for how long, through wisdom garnered through experience.