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Step towards self realisation

This Vedic view on human pain and suffering as great educators is rather unique, compared to those found in other scriptures. The reason being suffering, above all, teaches us patience and tolerance. Both these virtues are invaluable assets that stand by us through all different situations. However, both these virtues are not easy to cultivate since a theoretical understanding will not suffice in this endeavour. Only on the stage of real life drama is it possible to test one's capacity to exercise them. When time and again, in retrospect we notice that our impetuous handling of situations leave us feeling ashamed of ourselves, do we become serious about changing for the better.

On the reverse, material abundance, carnal pleasures and sensual excesses which lull our perception of reality, and of impending death, robs one of the determination to cultivate these virtues. The truth is, the amount of suffering one is made to experience in a lifetime is the result of one's karma, one's past actions. Some actions give us immediate reactions, others require long incubation period and manifest their results well into future lives sometimes. As we know, the law of karma, or the law of cause and effect is a natural law and is irreversible and unavoidable. Therefore, an intelligent person learns to accept the workings of this law as inevitable, and find a strategy of life to grow through it.

Another feature of patience is the aptitude to utilize time, never at a loss in engaging the mind in something interesting or, finding something constructive to do. This means that boredom is the bane of unimaginative and non-innovative persons.