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We are happy to announce that with the support and blessings of Shri Sarvabhavanaji, a true Sadhak & spiritual teacher, for the very first time, we have decided to launch this spiritual section on This section will contain free lessons on Ashtanga Yoga based upon ‘Yoga Sutra’ or the tenets of Yoga, A book compiled by Patanjali, the great sage of ancient India. We are honored by the recent association of Shri Sarvabhavanaji with CyberAstro and have decided to publish his spiritual teachings on our site exclusively for our members. This is mere a small effort to spread the years old treasure of Yoga & its importance around the world. These lessons will help you understand the real meaning of Yoga and will tell that Yoga is far more than sitting cross-legged on a mat, or standing with raised arms and folded palms above the head. Every week we will come out with a new spiritual lesson.