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Alternative Remedies

As a remedy to the above detrimental urges that force the beginners to deviate from the spiritual path of yoga, the Sage exhorts single-minded contemplation on the One, Absolute Truth;on Reality the Transcendent Beauty. That is, to envisage the all-pervasive divine energy of Godhead in the early morning due drops hanging like pearls from the leaves, coruscating in the first autumn sun rays. Just as Krishna describes in the Bhagavad-gita, “There is no truth superior to me. Everything rests upon me, like pearls strung on a thread.”

In another verse of the Gita, Krishna says,”I am the source of both spiritual and material worlds which I pervade with my energy. Everything emanates from me. The wise who perfectly know this worship me with undeviating devotion.” By contemplating on Godhead the mind becomes steady and resolute. The mind finds peace and joy in thoughts and actions that are virtuous. Thus for the mind to experience unassailable calmness and satisfaction it requires to cultivate friendliness towards those who are blissful in their devotion to the Absolute, mercy and compassion towards the hapless and despondent, offering encouragement to, and taking delight in the company of righteous and pious, and exhibiting disregard and avoidance of the wicked and evil.