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Planet Ketu and its behaviour

Ketu in association with Moon can make a person very psychic which can be used to heal others, but it can also prompt the person to practice dark forces of nature like black magic and other unholy occult practices. It can make a person an extreme paranoid and can even make him a mass murderer (like Hitler) Ketu in association with Mars, will intensify the Martian energy either in positive or in negative ways. This is the most fiery and combustible combination between two planets. In the mundane level it had led to world war in the past. This combination shows that the person had been working with the Martian energy in previous lives. In the positive aspect the person has Martian talent and potential which he must apply in his present life for constructive purposes. It gives piercing instinct and power of intense concentration. The Key characteristic of Mars is logic and that of Ketu is intensity.

Ketu & Mercury relationship

But usually this is a difficult and challenging combination in the chart. The person experiences an extreme swing between high energy and complete lack of energy. It creates extreme characteristics like intolerance, aggression, vengeance. The person can be both victim of atrocity, torture and other abnormal behaviors or aggressor and torturer himself. The key word of Ketu is unusual and the key word of Mercury is intellect. At the positive level the person can have unusual intellect that of a genius. But at the negative level, the person can suffer from extreme confusion and he can be scattered brain.

Ketu & Jupiter Combination

The combination of Jupiter and Ketu is the most fortunate combination in the chart. It shows good Karma from past lives, the fruits of which will be experienced in this life. Jupiter is the only planet which can control and neutralize the negative aspects of Ketu. The keyword of Jupiter is expansion and that of Ketu is constriction. This can cause a rare balance and harmony in an individual’s life. But usually this causes some ups and downs and struggle in a person’s life. But if the person has perseverance and patience, this combination will usually ensure success at the end.

However some ancient seers consider this combination as an extreme negative combination. According to them instead of Jupiter harmonizing the negative energy of Ketu, It is Ketu which completely negates all Jupiter’s energy. They belong to the school, which believes Rahu and Ketu are always out and out negative and evil. However it is also possible that Ketu while magnifying the energy of Jupiter, it can cause a person’s downfall through over expansion and illusion of grandeur.

Ketu & Venus Relationship

The combination of Ketu with Venus will certainly create out of ordinary behavior in matters of love, passion, and in relationship. Ketu can refine Venus energy or it can pervert Venusians energy which can lead to abnormal sexual behavior, like homo sexuality and lesbianism. Usually with this combination person can experience great and intense love and passion as well as great disappointments in love and marriage.

Ketu & Saturn Relationship

The combination of Saturn and Ketu is also the most challenging combination between planets. It suggests that the person is bringing deeply ingrained Saturnine detachment and pessimism from past lives which in combination with Ketu in this life gets further intensified and such a person can be innately pessimistic from the very beginning. But if both these planets are working in their highest level of positive qualities, then this combination can create Saints and prophets as well as great revolutionaries. Prophet Mohammad had this combination in his 10th house Scorpio. Cheguevara had this combination in the Ascendant.

I have now come to the end of this article. Today is the mother’s day. As we talk about Rahu/Ketu Transit 2017 and their lunar nature and their connection with Shakti or cosmic yin forces. I should end this article with prayer for the Divine Mother and pray for her blessings for the entire universe. The world today is suffering from extremes of all forces; it is only the blessings of divine mother can save us from the ultimate catastrophe.

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