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With Moon it can intensify the lunar energies either in positive fashion or in the negative fashion. It can create hallucination, illusion, paranoia and other mental imbalances and dependencies. Or in rare cases it can induce a pure state of spiritual trance when the mind and ego get completely dissolved in divine consciousness. With Mars, it can boost the Martian energy and make a person highly proactive and focused in his goal. But in the negative sense it can make the person highly aggressive and make him prone to violence.

Relationship between Mercury & Rahu

With Mercury, Rahu can supply an intuitive dimension to the analytical intellect of Mercury in positive sense. But in negative sense, it can make the person totally calculative and manipulative for narrow personal gain.

Relationship between Jupiter & Rahu

Rahu can enhance the expansive and positive energy and wisdom of Jupiter. Jupiter is justice and law and signifies conventional wisdom. Bur Rahu is lawlessness incarnate and is the Robinhood among planets. The merging of these two energies can sometimes create a good balance and can be very positive but in the negative sense it can cause disaster, delusion through overexpansion especially on the material plane.

Relationship between Saturn & Rahu

Rahu in conjunction with Venus will either make a relationship or it will break relationship. With Saturn it can cause extreme pessimism and negative energies. It can intensify all the base instincts of Saturn of greed, avarice and selfishness but it can create the highest level of material success and can accelerate the process of Saturn which gives success very slowly and after a lot of grinding and struggle.

In conclusion Rahu is the Dragon’s head, it is always looking ahead and it signifies the future. It is the force that detaches us from the past and in the process it attaches us to the future. Rahu signifies the eternal hope and optimism in our life. We can put its energy to work constructively for us or we can succumb to its delusions and Tamasik nature.

The signification of Ketu

Ketu also has the same duality as Rahu, one which grants material prosperity and the other which causes material adversity. Ketu is a force which is identified with surprises, exceptions, confusions, strangeness and any other bizarre events in our life. It is also identified with intuitive awareness and all other states beyond the realms of rational perception. Ketu is the planet which signifies sudden gain and sudden losses in extremes. Kings becoming paupers overnight and paupers becoming kings overnight are the events in the realm of Ketu. In this Ketu is similar to Saturn but the process of Saturn is not sudden, it is always a slow painful affair, or success after great struggle.

This extreme nature of Ketu personality can be best exemplified with two examples. Hitler the aggressive and cruel person as well as Mother Teresa the embodiment of self less service is both examples of strong Ketu personalities in their respective charts. Like Rahu, Ketu transits 2017, in association with other planets alter or enhance their positive and negative qualities to the extreme. Ketu can enhance the qualities of Sun in both constructive and destructive manner. It can internalize the positive energy of Sun giving clear and deep insight. The opposite is also true; with negative energies of Sun it can create extreme confusion which can make the person’s existence in present and in real world impossible in form of serious mental affliction like severe depression and suicidal.

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