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In this second article on Rahu & Ketu, I shall first take up the nature of Rahu and Ketu and what they signify in our life:

Rahu and external appearance: If Rahu is connected with Ascendant either by location or lord ship or by aspect in a person’s chart, then the person is likely to be tall. Rahu is believed to have an airy element; hence Rahu’s connection with Ascendant will make the person lean and thin also.

Ketu and external appearance: Any association of Ketu with Ascendant will indicate a short person. But the characteristic of Ketu person will be that they will have sharp penetrating and hypnotic eyes like that of a serpent.

Lordship, exaltation and debilitation of Rahu/Ketu: There are conflicting opinions among ancient seers on this subject. The most prevalent view and which is also credited to sage Parashar is that Rahu is the co-ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn. The main contention is that Aquarius is a mysterious sign and there is more to it than Saturn. This is why modern western astrologers consider Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn. But some astrologers consider that Rahu is also the co-ruler of Virgo along with Mercury, because Mercury alone cannot fully explain the nature of the subtle sign Virgo.

The exaltation sign of Rahu is considered by most astrologers as Taurus and therefore the sign of debilitation for Rahu will be Scorpio. But some astrologer’s consider the exaltation sign to be Gemini and the sign of debilitation will be then Sagittarius.

Sage Parashar attributes the rulership of Ketu to Scorpio along with Mars, again because there is more to Scorpio than Mars. Again by definition since Ketu will be always at 180 degrees and opposite to Rahu in the chart, the exaltation sign for Ketu will be Scorpio and the sign of debilitation will be Taurus. If the exaltation sign for Rahu will be Gemini, then it should be the sign of debilitation for Ketu and Sagittarius will be the sign of exaltation for Ketu.

Signification of Rahu/Ketu in our Life:

Rahu is supposed to be a powerful but naughty manifestation of “Maya” (the illusions of nature). Rahu manifests the dualities of nature in all it’s intensities and their subsequent fusion. It can operate in all three Gunas as defined in Bhagavat Gita . It can function in Rajasik (active) mode when it gives material prosperity, It can function in Satvik (harmony) mode when it gives knowledge and wisdom and can boost a person spiritually. It also functions in Tamasik (passive) mode when it is associated with all kinds of criminal, violent, dark and destructive forces in nature.

It is discontent incarnate and a person can never be content or satisfied under it’s influence. It very easily takes the form of the planet with which it is associated in the chart either through conjunction or lordship or aspect, and can display and intensify either the positive aspects of the planet or the negative aspects of the planet. When associated with Sun, it can manifest the positive aspects of self confidence and creativity or it can manifest the negative aspects of extreme ego, pride and selfishness.

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