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RAHU-Effects on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Houses of Horoscope

7th HOUSE GOOD Such native get many benefits form the government or government institutions. They do not face any negative implications and lead a happy and prosperous life.
BAD Such natives must not marry before the age of 21 for there are strong chances of premature death and/or separation. They usually do not find martial bliss. There are strong chances of two marriages for such natives. They are cheated of wealth.
8th HOUSE GOOD Such natives lead a overall prosperous life. They are awarded by government or government institutions.
BAD Such natives face up & downs in life at an interval of every 4 years. They don’t find peace and prosperity in life.They loose their hard earned money. They tend to get tempted to use unfair means to amass wealth.  Sudden Accident, loss of health & wealth all seem to go hand in hand for such natives.
9th HOUSE GOOD Such natives earn in foreign lands. They are usually hard-working and do not leave their work half-finished.
BAD They usually tend to spend their money unnecessarily. They turn charitable and start believing in undue charities. They do not find good relations with their fathers. They may face premature death of their children.
10th HOUSE GOOD Such natives are brave and rich. They score long life. They find good fortune in business and tend to show warmth and care towards their elders. Such natives often hold esteemed positions in government or government run bodies.
BAD Such natives experience critical illness for native and for his mother. Such natives spend unnecessarily and burn all their savings. Such natives also get tempted to drink or smoke. They are selfish and arrogant.
11th HOUSE GOOD Such native get good health, wealth and find overall peace and harmony in their family life. Such natives often hold esteemed positions in government or government run bodies. He will always go out with his employees or workers. They tend to travel a lot.
BAD Diseases of ear, legs, back bone, legs. He may not keep relations’ with father.
12th HOUSE GOOD Such natives enjoy materialistic gains from their in-laws.
BAD Nothing falls in right place for such natives. They tend to lie very often and they get tempted to indulge in illegal implications. They splurge their pockets quite too often and often get into bitter-some quarrels with others.

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