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RAHU- Its effects on Different Houses of Horoscope

RAHU- Its effects on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Houses of Horoscope

Read on to know about the effects of Rahu in different houses of a horoscope chart (kundali). It makes sense to check your Horoscope Chart. Please click here to check in which house Rahu is placed in your Horoscope Chart and what will be its implications, will it be good or bad.

1st HOUSE GOOD Native is victorious. No matter how much they spend, he never run out of money. They get managerial positions and effectively manage people. Such natives seek pleasure in the company of many women.
BAD Natives are miser and suffer bad temperament. They often suffer with certain diseases. For professionals, it spells as regular transfers and other critical problems in jobs.
2nd HOUSE GOOD Native enjoy immense power. They enjoy spending time in foreign lands rather than mother land. They find success in life.
BAD They tend to speak a lot of lies. They are not rich and face issues amassing wealth. Such natives may also land up in jail in their life.
3rd House GOOD Native are cautious of their approach socially. Such natives are able to repay their debts on time. They amass huge property.  Such natives lead good and luxurious life. Native enjoy progeny bliss.  Such natives would travel to foreign lands. Such natives usually join politics and hold high posts in Government offices.
BAD Natives who offer loans often fail to recover their money. Most of their debts go bad.
4th HOUSE GOOD Such native are rich and spend as per their wishes. They get financial mileage from their in-laws and their partners bring in good material fortune for them right from the marriage day.
BAD Native's mother may be ill. They lack happiness from mother. Such natives marry twice.
5th HOUSE GOOD Such native usually leads an opulent life. They are fond of beauty and appreciate all forms of exquisiteness.
BAD Nothing seems to fall in place for such natives. They often have no children, or face a lot of issues relating to having Child, or even face issues from posed by their children.
6th HOUSE GOOD Such natives lead a luxurious life. They always have an upper hand over their enemies. All their problems are resolved in no time. Such people have sharp mind. They usually hold a high post in government offices.
BAD Such natives find challenges and overall downfall in relationships. They find standing by in relationships with their maternal side, especially with their maternal uncles. They splurge their pockets quite too often and suffer from severe back aches.