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Libra is one kind who believes in offering quality service and products rather than just pushing quantity. Libra is inherently diplomatic and knows how to get work from others. Their contacts help them run their business with relative ease. They easily get investors and fund raisers for their dream business. But they lose their cool easily and tend to act harsh with their staff. Wearing Coral can help Libra keep their cool and attain a more positive attitude towards their business and resources.

Scorpions are hard-working and dedicated and believe in bringing about great profit for their business plans. Scorpio will do everything to close a lucrative deal and they keep an eye for detail in whatever they do. They are picky and hire people after a careful analysis of their CV. They are over enthusiastic at times and expect their employees to share the same enthusiasm, whether it requires sitting in the work desk for slogging hours crunching numbers. But Scorpions are non-diplomatic which gets them trouble many a times. Wearing black crystal may help them carry a positive attitude.

Sagittarius loves everything that’s different and grand. They work hard and adopt a dedicated approach towards their work to make their dream endeavor a big success. They are very adventurous and love to experiment. They tend employ like-minded people. But Sagittarius is usually result-driven and believes in getting best results each time. Wearing Amethyst may help them getting perplexed and achieve success in all their endeavors.