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Cancer is one kind who chooses his business with utmost care and after a elaborate baseline research. They believe in keeping their customers happy and try putting their best foot forward each time. They will consult different people and take their opinions before starting a business venture. However, Cancer soon tends to get bored from their business. Wearing a Moon stone will help them achieve success in their business.

Leo will try striking the right cord at the right time. They will do everything to ensure that business becomes the talk of the town. They go about painting the town red with their business ventures. But failures or losses agitate them. Though usually polite, they get harsh with customers and staff when facing losses. However, they will soon calm down and get back to realizing their dream with true devotion. Wearing Topaz may help them calm down and acquire a more dedicated approach towards their business.

Virgo puts heart and soul in their business. They will try and make sure that everything they do is with high-level efficiency. They believe in researching well before taking a plunge in the business world. They hire skilled and efficient people and expect them to match their enthusiasm with them (Virgo). They are dedicated and hard workers and strongly believe in perfection. But the only problem with Virgo is that they get upset very easily. Wearing Sapphire may help them sharpen their skills and tone down their temper.