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So, you are a Gemini! Love to explore more..

Isn’t it exciting to date a Gemini person after knowing his/her personality traits?

What to do and what not to please a Gemini?

Know them more closely, their Behavior and Personality! Though falling in love is instant process, we can make efforts for relationship to sustain for long and cherish a harmonious love affair. Like every other zodiac sign, Gemini has some unique traits that make it extraordinary from others.

Easy going and broad minded, they are good at making adjustment in their routine. They gel with all sorts of individuals to enjoy every moment of their life. Though sometimes rigid, they can be best companions in partnership because of their intellect and superb reasoning ability. Let’s get to know them in close proximity.


A wide variety of things make them excited. At times, they love to try their hands in boring tasks, make them work exciting for you and bring out something marvelous from it. While sometimes, people born under zodiac sign Gemini explore something out of their zone.

Full of Enthusiasm & Vitality

Full of life and vast pool of energy, they love to experiment interesting things. They love to experience; nature has to offer so you will never feel bored in their company.
Curiosity: They remain curious to ask questions which help them go in depth of each and every subject. They won’t comprise on half answers, so if you are in friendship with a Gemini girl or boy, be ready to answer all their queries, else they might keep wandering what is behind the question.

Gemini in Love:

There is great mystery behind these people in love relationship. One day, you will find them behaving in one way and on the very next way, totally opposite. Sometimes lovable, sometimes worrying too much and at times, analyzing each and every things! This adds charm to your relationship, as you got opportunity to be with a completely new person every new day, exciting and surprising, explore Gemini Horoscope prediction

Gemini and Independence:

They love their freedom, so don’t you try to keep them tied in any relationship. Rules and boundaries are not their types. They love to experience the world in their own distinct way. You won’t believe they might go to extent that you will feel as if dictatorship is overpowering their nature.

Gemini in Career:

Well at communicating, they prove excellent in jobs that require energy, communication skills and zeal to explore more and dig things going out of their comfort zone. Moving from one particular project then to next and then retrieve back in previous one comes naturally in their behavior. Personalized career prediction helps to get better understanding of professional prospects

Famous Gemini Celebrities

• Angelia Jolie
• John F Kennedy
• Donald Trump
• Steven Gerrard
• Karan Johar
• Shilpa Shetty
• Sonam Kapoor and many more..

So if you are a Gemini or in relationship with a Gemini, you need to keep a note of his/her personality as per Vedic astrology! Wait, story doesn’t end here, their mysterical behavior will keep you amazed from time to time, ready to explore a new human, every single day. But there is surprise and exciting attached with their personality.