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The Rooster

People under the zodiac sign Roosters are very stubborn, rebellious, and astute. They find immense interest in music and very creative by nature. They are good at things that require creativity and imagination. They know what they want and they seek perfection in their work. Roosters are very good orators and they can easily convince people. When in relationships, they frequently look for partners or friends. They have the power of maintaining a dignity both in relations and partnerships. They usually opt for careers relating to politics, public relations, arts and creative work.

The Dog

Dogs are the most loyal of signs. People born under this Chinese zodiac sign are hard working and fun-loving in equal measures. They are respected by everyone around them. They are brave and courageous and do not back off from their commitment. Their intensity and gravity makes them an appropriate candidate for managerial roles in offices. When in a relationship, Dogs are very loyal and they seek partners who are loyal and truthful. They usually choose professions such as teaching, social work, counseling, medicine & research and lawmaking.

The Pig

People under this sign are friendly, admirable, and calm. They are very tolerant and patient. They are admired by those around them. They are patient listeners and believe in others’ point of views. They are usually rich and have support of their near and dear ones. They are polite and do not pinpoint others’ fault and do not make enemies. They believe in simplicity and do not show off. When in relationships, they shower love and warmth on their partners and in turn expect the same from their partners. They usually choose career options such as musicians, writing and social work.