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The Horse

Horses are self-centered of all other Chinese Zodiac signs. They are quite enterprising which makes them trustworthy. They constantly work to sharpen their skills and yearn to get recognized. They are hard-working and motivated about their work and family. Horses believe in working hard, no matter if the things don’t work in their favor. They believe in putting their best foot forward every time and adopt a rather focused approach toward their work. In a relation, Horses look for care and devotion from their partners. They also desire their partners to be an anchor of support for them in the times of distress. Horses usually make for good politicians, explorers, and artists.

The Goat

Goats or Sheep are patient of them all. They live their lives with positive attitude and remain unfuzzed even during the time of immense pressure. They are hard workers and believe in accomplishing and unleashing new horizons of success each time. They do not mind sharing extra load of work, if need be. In return, they do not need any attention. Good at team work; their benevolent nature makes them very trustworthy. When in a relationship, they seek a partner who allows them a room for creativity. They want their partners to show support towards them. They usually choose careers related to arts, research, or designing.

The Monkey

Monkeys are the most active of all Chinese Zodiac Signs. They are usually brilliant and are quick learners. They are fun-loving and believe in humor. They can easily pull a prank on their colleagues or their near and dear ones. Due to their outgoing attitude and fast-moving spirit, they are sometimes mistaken as irresponsible and uncaring. In fact, they are so fickle minded that they generally do not settle down so easily. When in a relationship, they are loyal and dedicated. However, they may get bored with someone very easily. Hence, it makes sense for their partners to be interesting. As far as their careers are concerned, they mostly opt for designing, media management and public relations job.