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The Rabbit

Usually charismatic, kind-hearted and sweet by nature, Rabbits are down to earth and relaxed souls. They are generally very comfortable in their space and get anxious when forced to take risks. They are detail oriented and prefer peace when they work. They seek a partner who is loving and caring and shares their passion and nature. Rabbits are diplomatic and do not easily upset others. Polite with everyone, Rabbits are popular and adored by the near and dear ones. However, they are conservative in nature and are very insecure about their relations. They are highly creative and artsy and choose professions related to literature, art, public relations and counseling.

The Dragon

With lively, energetic, and self-confident persona, Dragons is one sign amongst all that’s really good at impressing people. They are filled with energy and love being the center of all attention. Dragons judge the situations quite well and know when to strike the ‘Right Cord at the Right Time’. They are usually very focused and dedicated. Generally lucky, they are quite generous in their approach towards others. They are usually brave, charismatic and live their lives with positive approach. When in relationship, they look for a partner who respects them and give them ample space. They are uber romantic and passionate. Dragons usually opt for professions such as acting, management, or arts.

The Snake

Snakes are the kind who love being in command. They carry a fascinating personality; however, they are orthodox by nature. They are very focused and motivated and their can-do spirit never lets them feel down. They are alert and exhibit point of view that is not easily matched. When in a relationship, Snakes seek for love, and care. They believe in intimate relationships and do not usually indulge in public display of affection. They positive attitude towards life makes them patient. Quite like a snake, they can wait for years and attach when they feel it’s their moment. They usually choose to become public relation officers, archeologists, astrologists, philosophers, caterers and even lawmakers.