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The Chinese Zodiac Calendar, colloquially known as Sheng Xiao, is broadly based on a twelve year cycle and each year in that cycle corresponds to an animal sign. The animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. All these animal signs have definite personality traits that make them distinct from the others. The entailing article discusses each animal zodiac sign and its unique characteristics.

The Rat

The Rat in the Chinese Zodiac calendar is one of the most significant signs. People born under this sign are creative and unique thinkers. Being the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, Rats make for great leaders and often enjoy solid positions. They love to take the lead of their surrounding situations. At times, Rats over enthusiasm makes them look greedy, self-centered and bossy. Though Rats are intelligent and ambitious, their self-contained nature does not allow them to discuss their problems with others. Rats are most suited for professions such as sales and marketing, bookkeeping and accountancy. With their dedication and enthusiasm, Rats usually make their position in the mid-management. When in relationship, Rats are loyal and shower unconditional love, warmth and care on their partners. Though they don’t believe in the typical ‘Mill and Boons’ romance, they prefer confiding in their partners and wish to stay by their side till the very end.

The Ox

The second and an important sign of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar - Ox is committed, trustworthy, sincere, and kindhearted. People under this Chinese zodiac are usually very family-oriented and conservative. They do not accept to changes very easily. Such people are very hard working and dedicated and success comes to them only after a lot of hard work and struggle. Ox needs complete peace and harmony when they work and do not like to disturbed when they are working with focus and attention. They are good decision makers and usually enjoy managerial positions. They refrain from being in limelight and like to do their work quietly and without much hullabaloo. They are honest and treat cheaters with disdain. When in relationship they remain honest and loyal and usually never cheat upon their partners. They concentration and focus makes them good archaeologists, geologists and artists.

The Tiger

Tigers are stubborn, passionate, and dominant in nature. Tigers carry an aura of mystery around them which makes them so attractive. Their never-say-die spirit makes them a fighter and they are likely to sail smooth even in the most tensed of situations. They are perfectionists and prefer everything settled. However, Tigers become self-centered if they fail to achieve what they seek. Tigers usually enjoy positions as leaders or managers. In relations, they seek a caring partner and a harmonious life. With many skills under their belt, they have chances of adopting diverse and colorful career options. Their positive approach towards life adds extra glitters to their already mysterious persona. Tigers make for travelers, designers, advertising directors, politicians or the military personals.