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The Red Planet - Mars is a fiery planet that symbolizes actions and transformations in our lives. It has the ability to propel us like an ignited rocket towards the goal, since it determines how we are going to achieve something in life. But, due to its action-oriented energy, it can get us in trouble by driving overtly anger and rage in us.

Mars generally moves through a sign in roughly 2 months that means it takes around 24 months for it to traverse through all the 12 zodiac signs. Though this is a rough estimate, its retrograde motion may or may not allow it to spend much time in any given sign. 

With Mars and Rahu crossing each other in exact degrees on July 12th 2014, you might have experienced a dull phase in your life where it was important to remain watchful and attentive. In addition, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sign of Libra created quite a little friction for all natives in the previous weeks.

However, with Mars moving into its own sign - Scorpio on 5th September 2014, the time may prove to be a good one as Mars will be released from the detached and painful influence of Saturn. Now Saturn will be enjoying in its exaltation state in utter solitude. On the other hand, Mars transiting Scorpio from September 5 to October 15th 2014 can make all your unfulfilled desires breathe to life.

Another, exciting thing about the Mars transit into Scorpio is that it will also share the auspiciousness of Jupiter which is in its exaltation sign Cancer. The Planet of Plenty – Jupiter will help convert all your energy and efforts into productive and fruitful results for sure.