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Arista, the bull
The demon Arishta then came to the cowherd village. Appearing in the form of a bull with a large hump, he made the earth tremble as he tore it apart with his hooves.

The domestic animals and the cowherd community fled the pasture in fear crying. Lord Krishna calmed them, saying, "Don't be afraid." Having spoken these words, the infallible Lord Hari slapped His arms with His palms, further angering Arishta with the loud sound. The Lord then casually threw His mighty, serpentine arm over the shoulder of a friend and stood facing the demon. Arishta pawed the ground with one of his hooves and then, with the clouds hovering around his upraised tail, furiously charged Krishna. Arishta rushed toward Him at full speed, like a thunderbolt hurled by Indra. The Supreme Lord Krishna seized Arishtasura by the horns and threw him back. As Arishta attacked again, Lord Krishna seized him by the horns and knocked him to the ground with His foot. The Lord then thrashed him as if he were a wet cloth and finally he yanked out one of the demon's horns and struck him. Arishtasura thus had a painful Death.

Kaliya- the serpent
To restore the purity of the Yamuna's waters, which had been contaminated by Kaliya's poison, Lord Krishna climbed into a kadamba tree on the riverbank and jumped into the water. Then he began fearlessly playing within the water like a maddened elephant. Kaliya could not tolerate Krishna's trespassing upon his personal residence and the serpent quickly went up to the Lord and bit Him on the chest. Sri Krishna trampled the serpent's one thousand hoods until his body slackened and he vomited blood from his mouths by the Lord's wonderful, boisterous dancing,the Naga-patnis, bowed down at Lord Krishna's lotus feet. Then they offered Him various prayers in hopes of gaining their husband's freedom. Krishna released Kaliya and commanded him to leave the Yamuna lake with his family and return to Ramanaka Island.

Kesi, the horse
On Kansa's order, the Kesi demon assumed the form of a huge horse and went to Vraja. As he approached, his loud neighing terrified all the inhabitants and they began looking for Sri Krishna. When he saw the demon, Krishna came forward and challenged him to come near. Kesi charged Krishna and tried to strike Him with his front legs, but the Lord seized them, whirled the demon around several times and then threw him a distance of one hundred bow-lengths. Kesi remained unconscious for some time. When the demon regained consciousness, he furiously charged Krishna again, his mouth agape. The Lord then thrust His left arm into the horse demon's mouth and as Kesi tried to bite the arm, it felt like a red-hot iron rod. Krishna's arm expanded more and more, finally choking the demon and in extreme agony, Kesi gave up his life. Lord Krishna then removed his arm. He stood calmly, showing no pride at having killed the demon, as the demigods showered down flowers from the sky and glorified the Lord with prayers.

Vyoma, the goat
One day the cowherd boys, while grazing their animals on the mountain slopes, played the game of stealing and hiding, acting out the roles of rival thieves and herders. In that game some acted as thieves, others as shepherds and others as sheep. They played their game happily, without fear of danger.

A powerful magician named Vyoma, son of the demon Maya, then appeared on the scene in the guise of a cowherd boy. Pretending to join the game as a thief, he proceeded to steal most of the cowherd boys who were acting as sheep.

Gradually the great demon abducted more and more of the cowherd boys and cast them into a mountain cave, which he sealed shut with a boulder. Finally only four or five boys acting as sheep remained in the game. Lord Krishna, who shelters all saintly devotees, understood perfectly well what Vyomasura was doing. Krishna forcefully seized the demon as he was taking away more cowherd boys. The demon changed into his original form, as big and powerful as a great mountain. Although tried as much as he could but he could not freed himself, having lost his strength from being held in the Lord's tight grip. Krishna then smashed the boulder blocking the cave's entrance and led the trapped cowherd boys to safety.

Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Parvat
Lord Indra was overcome by anger when the villagers stopped worshiping Him and instead started praying to Govardhana Parvat. To punish them he sent forth a devastating rainfall to Vrindavana. The villagers approached Krishna for shelter.

Lord Krishna decided to teach Lord Indra a lesson for His false prestige and thus he lifted Govardhana Hill with one hand. He then invited the entire cowherd community to take shelter in the dry space beneath the mountain. For seven successive days he held up the hill, until Indra finally understood Krishna's mystic power and ordered the clouds to withdraw.

*The above article has been compiled with reference of different books and articles.

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