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Most parents will agree that raising a child and steering him/her towards a better future remains a tough task. It is a dream of every parent to foresee their children’s future so that they can guide them accordingly and make them untie the complex knots of success in every sphere of life. Vedic child astrology comes to rescue for such parents who seek answers to some vital questions about their child’s future. As each child’s horoscope chart is widely dissimilar to the other, it provides the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a particular child. The traits and characteristics of children may differ widely depending upon the ascendant sign and moon sign in their respective birth charts. Let’s discuss the general traits – overall personality, talents, strength & weaknesses of different zodiac children.

Aries Kids

Aries kids are usually very active due to the influence of planer Mars in their horoscope charts. They are the curious kinds who do not hesitate in destroying the toys just to check how they work. They are also pretty restless and short tempered. Aires kids are generally audacious, independent, lively, creative and have inherent leadership quality in them. Such kids love to take lead and are very active in sports and often turn out to be noticeable in different sports they play. Aries kids wouldn’t bother you much for he will keep busy in his own world. You can encourage them to take part in different sports for they like participating with zeal to win. But do not make the mistake of imposing your dream on an Aries kid for he wouldn’t listen and would become rebellious. Let them do what they like doing and they would definitely create a niche for themselves, as they grow up.

Taurus Kids

Raising a Taurus kids turns out to be quite a difficult task. They are usually rebellious in their childhood and as a parent you must be tactful enough to lure them into the right direction. Usually luxury seekers, Taurus kids are optimistic and hard-working and take every work very seriously. It is important to lay your protective arms around your Taurus kid for they mostly are insecure with their lives. They need a guiding hand and love to be around their parents, so if your Taurus kid is not leaving your side, don’t get irritated maybe he needs an emotional support. But as they grow up, they tend to get restless and do not pay much heed to the advice of their parents. It’s important to make them understand from early childhood that whatever decisions you make for them is god for their lives. They deal with things with a practical attitude. Taurus kids are the creative lot and believe creativity to be the essence of life.

Gemini Kid

Gemini kids are peaceful, decent and the intellectual kind. They are creative and artsy and if their creative energy is channeled in the proper direction, they can do wonders. They are the curious kind of children and love to get acquainted to different things in life. They will ask questions about everything that they see. Such kids are happy-go-lucky kind and are usually very talkative. Most Gemini kids love books and are fond of reading everything and anything. No wonder, Gemini kids are often so intelligent for their age. Such kids also love artsy things and take immense interest in dance, music and painting, as per their interest. Gemini kids are also good in academics and tend to succeed in jobs in editorials or writing jobs. However, if not properly taken care of, Gemini kids may ruin their futures.

Cancer Kids

Cancer kids are usually very good-looking and adorable. They are emotional, sensible, caring and mostly shy. They love their home, parents and family. They are usually introverts and love being indoors. They are usually well behaved and they take good care of their toys and pets. However, Cancer kids are selfish and over possessive and turn out to be short tempered at times. They are creative, ambitious, enthusiastic and if encouraged they impress everyone with their artsy side. Cancer kids usually love saving a big fortune but they do not mind sharing their savings with their loved ones are in distress.

Leo Kids

Leo kids are bold and self controlled. Such children are very hard-working and finish all tasks given to them. They love books and reading is mostly their favorite pastime. They are super ambitious and try wining every competition. But such kids are naughty and at time bossy with their friends and siblings. In fact, many Leo kids are even arrogant and don’t hesitate getting into a scuffle. They have a tendency of considering them to be superior to others and they expect to be treated with respect by everyone. But at the same time they are self- absorbed and avoid sharing their problems with others. Parents of Leo kids must try hard to keep their kids grounded. Leo kids must be guided properly to seek a career that interests them the most.

Virgo Kids

Virgo kids are the sensible and sober lot. They are mostly helpful and caring. They are very calm. But they are often shy and do not mix with others so easily. However, being shy doesn’t stop them from criticizing other kids. They can be very harsh in their criticism. They are very curious and ask too many questions. They are interested in everything happening around them. They are quick learners and enjoy reading books. They are perfectionists; but their perfectionist nature also makes them short tempered. It is important for parents of Virgo Kids to channelize their kids’ talents into the right direction right from their childhood. They are very practical and down to earth. However, it makes sense to praise them every now and then to keep them motivated in life.

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